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navi-Gator.onLine :

First GPS Navigator on your smartphone browser

Navigator online: is Maps and GPS Navigation all over the world. The navigator is optimized for use on smartphones and is designed as a web application (site) without the need to install on the phone .

You can determine your location and see it on the map

Define an address by clicking on the map and drive a route , as well as share it with your friends on social networks using e-mail, Whatsapp or just a link.

If your device has a compass , you can enable map rotation We’re in the same direction your device is directed to.

Add to your favorites the addresses you need on the map and they will always be at hand.

Build a route and hit the road with . Navigator will tell you by voice about the next maneuver.

Navigator will show refueling of your favorite brand along route. You can schedule refueling at your chosen gas station.

You will be notified of known speed cameras along the route.

You can search with your voice - just click on the button and say the desired address (not in all browsers)

In the settings you can configure the navigator for yourself: choose the type of map, display cameras, choose your favorite brand of gas station, etc.